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Here on this side i present a few maybe interesting downloads for trueSpace.

FreeBasic SDK

This is a conversion of the trueSpace 6.6 SDK from C++ to FreeBasic. That means, you can now develop your trueSpace PlugIns within a Basic Dialect nearly to the good old QBasic - or any other Basic Language.

Why FreeBasic?

- As the name say: FreeBasic is free - it is a open source project
- The Language is easy to understand (to learn) but powerfull enough to work with
- FreeBasic creates fast and small code without any runtime librarys
- There are a lot of librarys which can be used with FreeBasic (i.e. DataBase, Graphic Libs etc.)
- A really good help is available as documentation (in english and also german) and also a good comunity in both languages

Included in this package are:

- The original SDK
- A few FreeBasic sample TSX
- A Tutorial about installing and using the FreeBasic conversion, using the sample TSX and writing your own TSX in FreeBasic

Attention !!! The conversion that i made can include a few issues (nobody is perfect). If you have problems, detect and/or remove issues please contact me so that i can update the files.


trueSpace 6.6 PDF Manual

Here is the complete manual for trueSpace version 6.5 / 6.6. In your trueSpace installation folder should be a 'PDFMan' folder. Unpack the rar into this folder so that you get: "c:\trueSpace65\PDFMan\ts_6_manual.htm"


trueSpace 6.6 PDF QuickCards

These are the 'QuickCard' Help for trueSpace 6. You can print these 2 pdf files and you get a good quick help where you can find each tool and how to use it.


High Resolution playing cards Textures

I created a set of high resolution textures for a complete deck of 52 cards. Each card texture is 930 x 1433. Also included is a transparency map and one texture for the backside of the cards. For easier use i also included a tS 6.6 scene file (tS7.x MODELER !) with all card's "ready to play".

The complete set is absolutly free for use - no restrictions.


High Resolution Caligari Textures

Do you remember the old Caligari Logo? For the header images of this site (the cube) i needed a better version of the textures as was available. So i recreated 2 versions of the logo. One shows "CALIGARI TRUESPACE" and the other one shows "CALIGARI CORPORATION". The resolution is 2048 x 2048 and included are also bump maps for the logos.

The complete set is absolutly free for use - no restrictions.


Simbion Shaders Images

Here you can download 314 rendered "utah teapot" images textured with the DarkTree shaders available for tS thrue the SimbiontTS shader.

The SimbiontTS shader plugin can be found on the darksim site in the download archive. Here the direct link: www.darksim.com

The DarkTree Shaders can be found over the same site. Here the direct link: www.darksim.com