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Welcome to my image gallery. Here i want to show some of my images that i have created with TrueSpace. The images are seperated in the different projects where they are for.

Click on any of the pictures to show it. If you see it you can also start a automatic slideshow.


Deep Sea was a short movie that i created for the U3DA animation contest. This here is a highres rendered image of the animated jellyfish.

PROJECT: Website

These are big versions of the header images from this website. The character is a modification of a test - character that i call 'Animan'. Animan is my test character for animations and is completly rigged in MotionStudio. With him i try to figure out some rig methods, posing posibilitys etc. Last but not least is the character a double from a training character build for MAYA training on the Animation School at www.animationmentor.com

The images are created and rendered in TS 6.6 (lightworks) with 2 infinite lights and a light dome with 45 local lights. Rendertime 30 sec. on 1800 x 560 pixel resolution.


I.T. is the title of a unfinished short movie project. These images here are tests. It shows me that there are a few issues that i could not fix at this time. I.E. if you take a look to image 4 you can see the semi transparent reindeer in front of the DOF scene. As you can see the moon is blurred but the inside of the reindeer not. But there was a lot other problems to freeze this project.


iBOT Surprise is the title of my first "real" short movie. You can find the movie and a 'making of' under MOVIES - take a look.


This 'bot' was inspired thrue a picture that i found on the net. It was a moddeling and texturing practice for me. Later i tried to animate him but the rig was to lazy, so i give up.


Tire was a test project to figure out the function of a plugin called Magnetic vertex.


These are images from a unfinished short movie called 'The Fly'. These are test renders and a sketch for the main character. I needed these tests to figure out how many houses i have to create for a good looking scene view and to calculate the amount of work.


These images are previews for models that i created for David Wide's Project 'Run'. 'run' is the name from an unfinished music video created within TrueSpace. You can find out more about this project in the german TrueSpace Forum. CLICK HERE


AiNO was the name of a game project. The game is not released. It was planned as a jump'n run game in a 2D/3D environtment. The game story was finished planned and i started to program the game as my partner jumps of.


Here are images from different small projects or test renders or it was made just for fun.