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Hello guest and welcome on my website.

These sites are dedicated to the fabulous 3D software trueSpace from Caligari.

My real name is Thomas, i'm now 50 years old and i come from germany. On the tS comunity i am known as DesignDevil. I use TrueSpace since 1997 (this was TrueSpace v3.2). In the beginning i used tS just for fun. It was the cheapest powerful 3D software with a really small learning curve - ideal for me ;-). Later on i also used tS to create still images and models for games that i wrote.

Since the first 3d movie reached my eyes i was excited and interested to create such a thing by my self. This was around the year 2000. Now, more than 10 years later i have created my first very short movie 'iBOT suprise'. It is just a few second film but you can not imagin how many time you need to create such a thing. But, the good side is, it makes a lot of fun.

Today we have trueSpace version 7.6 as the latest stage of evolution because of the sad story of caligari. I still use tS v6.6 - why - well, this is the software that i know and completly can use. I know the most of the workarounds of it and i have a lot of plugins to 'complete' tS so that i have all what i need.

Why i don't use other software? Well, at first: the price. Most of the 3D software packages are really expensive. Ok, there is blender which is for free, but i personaly have no access to this shortcut driven engine ;-)

On the other hand, the best software is nothing without using it. That means, i know tS and i use it. I could use MAYA, C4D, 3DStudioMax, XSI, Blender or something like this but i had to learn again years to come to the level of knowlegde that i have. So why should i change my life.

With this in mind, i hope that the comunity stays alive. To give my piece to that i created this site and i also develop tS plugins (TSX). Feel free to contact me, tell me what you think or if you need a tip or anything else.

Also take a look into the LINKS section where you find the comunity forum sites - you are not alone ;-)

So, that's all from my side, best regards, Thomas alias DesignDevil.