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Welcome to my trueSpace dedicated website.

Here you will find video tutorials, plugins, downloads, plugin developement things, links and informations about trueSpace.

The main focus is on trueSpace 6 or trueSpace 7 (modeler side). If you look for workspace specific themes (i.e. scripts), take a look into the links section.

Last but not least visit my gallery and take a look onto my short movies. Here you can find my trueSpace work.

Site update 02-24-2011 21:06
Just a small update - or upgrade ?!

From now on you have the ability to link directly to plugins on my site. Every entry has a little icon on the bottom right. Just right click, copy and paste to wherever you want (hopefully to where it is useful).

have fun, DD
New PlugIn -> DDPickThrue 02-06-2011 15:36
DD Pick Thrue solves the trueSpace picking problem if multiple objects are hidden behind or inside others meshes. For example, if 5 cubes inside each other, trueSpace's default selection behavior only cycles between the first and bigger cube and the second cube inside. It is impossible to pick up the 3rd cube and the others inside. DD Pick Thrue solves this problem and you can select each object one by one.

Download can be found here
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