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Welcome to my trueSpace dedicated website.

Here you will find video tutorials, plugins, downloads, plugin developement things, links and informations about trueSpace.

The main focus is on trueSpace 6 or trueSpace 7 (modeler side). If you look for workspace specific themes (i.e. scripts), take a look into the links section.

Last but not least visit my gallery and take a look onto my short movies. Here you can find my trueSpace work.

New PlugIn added 08-17-2011 15:32
Hi TS users,

today i added a new plugin named "SnapRoll". It is made by DigitalFlux Entertainment and he allows me to post it on my site - thanks a lot.

SnapRoll allows you to rotate a object around each axis by given a fix value. Right click to open the plugin window, enter a number of degree, select your object and click onto the axis that you want to rotate - how simple is that.

Click here to download this plugin
New tutorial 08-14-2011 10:54
Hi TS users ... long time ago since my last entry here. Sorry for that - to many projects
However, Hakim wrote me and ask for a small tutorial about modeling the power plug which is shown on the header image of the plugin side. So i take a bit time and created one. Quick and roughly but maybe also helpful for others.

So ... here it is click me

have fun, DD
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