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Welcome to my trueSpace dedicated website.

Here you will find video tutorials, plugins, downloads, plugin developement things, links and informations about trueSpace.

The main focus is on trueSpace 6 or trueSpace 7 (modeler side). If you look for workspace specific themes (i.e. scripts), take a look into the links section.

Last but not least visit my gallery and take a look onto my short movies. Here you can find my trueSpace work.

New (old) plugin added 06-22-2012 17:53
Hi folks...

today i added a link to the "coolpowers freecp" plugin series. They are a long time ago available for free but i forgot to put it on my site - don't ask me why...shame on me

So i have to say thanks to Raphael for the information now i got it on my list.

And here is the link
news...news...news 04-30-2012 10:34
Hello trueSpace friends and users,

long time ago since my last post but i'm still here. I had a lot of things to do but now i'm back for a while.

Today i present you 2 new (old) plugins.

The first one is from Chikara Kojima and i got it from another trueSpace user. The name of the PlugIn is "FaceUnifier" and it is very handy and useful i.e. if you import models where faces are showing in the wrong direction.
Here you can find the download

The second PlugIn is from Gordon Stanton. It is called "Distance from Benchmark 2.0" and is a update of the older DistanceBM PlugIn. It measures the distance between two objects or null objects.
Here you can find the download

So, that's it for today...DD

...uhh...wait there is another little thingy ;)

I made a short introduction how you can install and/or deinstall trueSpace extensions (TSX files). Go to the Tutorials or the PlugIns page where you can find a link to the video.
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